Batco Roadways offers surface transportation service to stations in south and central India by collecting cargo at booking points close to customers, consolidating and routing the same to transhipment hubs and thereon to final destination in optimum time.

Once the cargo reaches the destination ( Designated Delivery Office) warehousing facility for a certain prespecified period is given free of charge.

However, the client has an option to use the warehouses at Delivery offices to stock his goods for a predetermined period of time on contractual basis at an agreed remuneration and use the facility at diverse locations to gain business advantage.

All BATCO godowns are secure and insured to assure the safety of the cargo.

Batco Roadways is an approved transporter by Indian Banks' Association and the LRs ( Bill of Transport ) issued by it are accepted by all national and scheduled banks in India as security for discounting / publishing bills.